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Raw Unprocessed Multiflora Honey, 500g | Rare Collection

Raw Unprocessed Multiflora Honey, 500g | Rare Collection

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Multiflora natural honey or multi flower honey is derived from honey bees that normally suckle on multiple flowers in the spring. It is made from the nectar of many different flowers. It has a substantial varying color, taste, and strength according to nectar sources. Therefore, there is not only one form of Multiflora honey available, as there are endless floral variations.

Our Rare Collection of Raw Honey is harvested very carefully by our certified Beekeepers at the time of full bloom floral season to give the best texture, color and natural taste to our loyal consumers.

All our products are 100% Raw & Unprocessed – that means it’s unheated, basic filtered and bottled manually to keep all nutrition intact as honey bees and mother nature made.

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