How to decrystallise honey?

Honey is delicious. Smooth and sweet. If it sits in your cupboard for too long, it could start to crystallize. This doesn’t mean it is bad, you just need to fix it, decrystallize it. It is very easy to do and doesn’t take that long.

How to decrystallise honey ?

To bring honey back to its original consistency, you need to heat it up. It is crucial to maintain the right temperature – going too high would mean to scorch the product and destroy the precious vitamins and enzymes. The heating method is also important. If you look up how to decrystallise honey in Google, you may find some pretty bad advice like using a microwave oven. In this case, the heat will distribute unevenly, which means that some areas will stay crystallized while others will simply boil. What is more, if you store the product in a plastic container, using a microwave oven will melt it, releasing harmful toxins and particles.

So how to decrystallise raw honey the right way? Don’t worry, it is super easy. All you need is a pot of hot water and a bowl large enough to accommodate your honey jar. The key is not to let the water boil, which happens at 100°C. Try to keep the temperature up to 45°C to preserve enzymes and antioxidants. If you have accidentally overheated and boiled the water, let it sit for a few minutes. Once it cools off enough, slowly adds it into the bowl, filling the space around the jar with crystallized honey. Make sure you leave the lid on and don’t pour water on top of it. Decrystallising honey takes time. Be patient and carefully add more hot water as the liquid in the bowl starts to cool down.

Though it is preferable to keep honey in a glass jar, many retailers sell it in plastic containers. If you have one of those honey bears on your hands, the steps will be similar but this time keep the water temperature lower than 38°C to prevent plastic from deforming. Give your bear a good soak and once the honey is liquid enough, transfer it to a glass jar. Now you know how to decrystallise honey. We hope that this knowledge will help you save a ton of money by increasing the shelf-life of your favorite product, making your life that much sweeter.

Why does honey crystallize?

Honey almost entirely consists of natural sugars. There is only 20% of the water in this product. This means that there are not nearly enough water molecules to hold all the glucose and fructose, which leads to the eventual separation of these components. And this is exactly how you get crystallized honey. To make sure the product stays liquid as long as possible, store it at room temperature in a glass jar with a tightly closed lid. Never put honey in the fridge! It will speed up the crystallization process.

Most store-bought honey varieties are heavily processed. Manufacturers use pasteurization to kill the bacteria and yeast as well as to slow down crystallization, making the product more appealing to the customers. Raw honey is unprocessed, and this is why it crystallizes much faster. However, it also means that all the nutrients and enzymes in it are still intact, making it a healthier choice. If you skip out on the amazing benefits of raw honey just because you don’t fancy its texture, we can tell you how to make it runny again in a few easy steps!

Step 1: Supplies

Not much is needed to fix your crystallized honey.

  • Crystallized Honey
  • Glass Jar (if honey is in a plastic container) – cover is optional and if you use one, make sure you don’t put it on the jar very tight, keep it loose
  • Saucepan / Pot / an Asparagus Pot also works GREAT for this as it will use much less water
  • Stove
  • Water

We will be using the stovetop, I do not know if you can use a microwave to do this, but I would think you could.

Step 2: Move to Glass Jar and Heat

If your honey is in a plastic jar, move it into a glass one. You need to be able to put it in a pan of water on the stove. I used a knife to stab the crystallized honey and scooped out what I could with a spoon that fit through the mouth of the container.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Honey

Now you can take those leftover KFC biscuits you have been wanting to eat for the last few hours and finally enjoy them with honey.

So, the next time you find your honey crystallized, think of it as a chance to connect with the very process that makes honey special. And if you're seeking top-notch raw honey, we've got you covered. Our products are a testament to the care and dedication we put into preserving honey's authenticity. With The West Indian honey co, you're not just getting honey; you're getting a taste of our passion for all things natural and sweet.


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