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The West Indian Honey Co

Raw beeswax pillar candle – 300 g

Raw beeswax pillar candle – 300 g

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This beautiful pier candles made out of 100% natural & pure & renewable beeswax, give off natural sweet and subtle notes – honey-like fragrance, with a cotton wick making the product 100% natural and eco-friendly. This cute 100% beeswax candle is hand-rolled with beeswax sheet, which gives it a lovely honeycomb pattern on the outside.

Discover the extraordinary gift from nature - beeswax, meticulously crafted into our candles. Experience their unparalleled brilliance as they burn brighter, longer, and cleaner, releasing negative ions that purify and invigorate. Enhance your home décor with their timeless elegance and revel in the improved air quality they bring.

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